18 and Over

Adult Safe Driving Course +8 Driving Hours


8 hour Adult Safe Driving course

(18 & over) plus 8 behind the wheel lessons in the car with an instructor (SAVE $55).

  • This class can be done in one day or divided into 2 four-hour sessions.
  • We need to have a student come to the office any time prior to your scheduled first session or ½ hour before first class (see website for office hours).
  • Please bring valid ID (passport, birth certificate or permit).


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When & Where

28 Cross St, New Canaan

Lewis School of Driving

Connecticut, 06840

November 05, 2016

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James has been teaching in the school for 6 years and he has been awarded as a highly qualified...

James Winters Driving , Founder , Medical , Traffic ,

Marie is the boss and has been driving the school to success since 1996

Marie Winters Founder

Jane has been working with Lewis for 7 years now.

Jane Doe Medical , Traffic ,

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