16 & 17 Year Olds

Teen Full Course


TEEN FULL COURSE (16 & 17 year olds) 

Our full course of driver’s education consists of 30 hours of classroom (which includes the 8 hour drug and alcohol course and the 2 hour parent class) and 8 hours behind the wheel driving. With this class, students must have their permit for 4 months before they are eligible to take their driver’s test. Typically, this is the course needed for any insurance discounts. Please check with your insurance agent with regard to actual discounts that they may give.

You can look under the calendar section of the website to see our calendar for each month. The way the course works is that there are certain lessons taught each day, but students do not have to start at lesson 1, or do the lessons in any particular order. Please see the Calendar for class times.

All classes are taught through online interactive zoom presentations.  Once you are registered you will receive login information for the student portal and you will find the zoom links for the class you need to attend on the day of the class in the portal.

Driving lessons can be scheduled once we receive your permit.

Payment plans and sibling discounts are available for this course. Contact the office for more details.

You will need to send the following to lewisschoolofdriving@gmail.com:

  • Your permit or proof of being 16 (Driver’s Permit, Birth Certificate or Passport)



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