CT Licensing Requirements - Adult Drivers

Drivers who are 18+ years of age and meet one of the criteria below must obtain a Learner’s Permit and hold it for ninety days before obtaining a Driver’s License.


  • Have never held a Driver’s License,


  • Have held a U.S. Driver’s License that lapsed 2+ years ago, or


  • Hold a valid Driver’s License from another country



  • Obtain your Learner’s Permit upon passing the Knowledge Test.


  • Hold your Permit for a minimum of 90 days while driving with a licensed instructor or driver over 20-years-old who has held a license for at least four years.


  • Complete the 8-Hour Safe Driving Class and obtain the CS-1 Certificate required to take Road Test.


  • Take the Road Test.  (If you are under 22 years old, you can take the Road Test with us.  For more information to take road test at our facility see “Driving Test” Tab above.  Otherwise, you must test at the DMV.)